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GGXingEnergy 8W Portable Solar Charger for Mobile Phone

SKU: 32339332196
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  • Brand Name: GGXingEnergy
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Foldable Solar Panel: Yes
  • Number of Panels: 4
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Flexible Solar Panel: No
  • Type: Solar Panel
  • Nominal Capacity: 8w
  • Size: 150x80mm
  • Model Number: ggx-f8w4
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Number of Cells: 4
  • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Max. Power: 7w
  • Solar Panel Power: 8W
  • High Efficiency: >19.8%
  • Output: 6V*1.2A(max)
  • Extended Size: 545*170*10mm
  • Folded Size: 170*105*30mm
  • Materials: PET laminated PVC
  • Weight: 0.32KG
  • Output Interface: USB2.0
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS
  • Max. Power: 7watt


GGXingEnergy 8W 20W Portable Solar Charger for Mobile Phone iPhone Folding Mono USB Solar Panel+Foldable Solar Battery Charger


Model No.: GGX-F8W4




Regarding the power "8W 20W", we have to point out this. We see many of other sellers selling the similar items and describe the power as 20w…


They are cheating customers, just using the fake power description and low price to win orders… This kind of solar panel with the similar size as ours can be only max 8w!!


When you read the goods description from other sellers, you can compare the info with ours.


1, Below is an example.


It shows max power 20w, max current 2A, 18v and 5v. If it is real 20w, the max current should be 20w/5v=4A.

If 18v, max current is 20w/18v=1.1A. And this small solar panel can not reach 18v…

Its folded size is 10.5×16.5×1.5cm. Our folded size is 105*170*30mm. 

So that they are using the same size of solar panel as ours.

The power of solar panel is decided by the efficiency of solar cell and the size.

If the efficiency and size are the same, how it can be 2.5 times more power?! It is out of current technology…


The right info is as this:


This solar model is made from 4pcs of small solar panels. Each small solar panel is only 2w/6v. 

4pcs small solar panels in parallel to realize 8w/6v = 1.3A (max).

An USB controller is added to realize stable 5v to protect the charging for phone.




They write the solar panel is monocrystalline. But when we checking their reviews from the customers, we find the solar panels received by customers are polycrystalline…..


What is the difference for monocrystalline and polycrystalline?

Mono one is with efficiency up to 19%. Thus poly one is generally around 13%-15% efficiency.

And of course the poly one is cheaper than mono one. Mono one is with better quality.




We find some customers' reviews about the doubt for the real power.

One buyer writes as this, "Maybe it is necessary to fly to the sun itself so that the device showed 2.4A))."



截屏2020-07-24 17.18.48


The group for real customer reviews for that fake 20w panel (Above and below pictures are the reviews from other sellers, NOT ours.)






截屏2020-07-24 17.32.03



Only almost same size as a phone after being folded to save your backpack space and easy for carrying
Made with high powered monocyrstalline solar technology
Frosted solar panel with perfect surface, no bubble, anti scratching, anti finger mark, anti dirty, anti UV…
Built-on USB voltage controller to protect phone charging; Universal USB, no connecting limitation
Working as sun as possible, perfect powering your phone without a battery 
{If weak sunshine, the general model (not restart charging function model) charging a general power bank will be still ok.
This is its advantage to never lose little power.
Other models can not work under weak sunshine again, because its USB controller will cut off the small current.
But this solar panel will not do this. Thus if you want to charge a smart phone, we suggest to do this when sunshine is strong.}
Pocket for holding accessories; 5 or 7 tips for hanging / mounting
Improve the Life-Span of solar panel with a more layer of PET lamination at back
(We can ensure the solar panel will never come unglued with its PET surface. Not like others, it can be unglued after being exposured under sunshine. This situation will cause damage to solar panel.)
Water resistant making them a great option for marine applications (It can not be soaked in water.)
Folding solar panels are light weight, rugged and portable, great use for camping, hiking, fishing, cooking, and other outside activities




-Solar Panel Max Power: 8Watt
-Solar Type: A-grade monocrystalline
-USB Output: Max Power 7W; around 5V / 0A- 1.2A (max, at no-load condition)

(Standard test condition for max power: AM1.5, 40,000 Lux, 25 centi-grade, 1000w/m2. 

All solar panels' outputs are totally decided by sunshine intension.

When testing its current, please try to do this under direct strong sunlight at noon.
Please do not do this at early morning or late afternoon even you find sunshine is still "strong".) 
-Solar cell efficiency: >19.8%
-Output interface: USB
-Extended Size: 545*170*10mm  21.5×6.7×0.4 inch
-Folded Size: 170*105*30mm  / 6.7×4.2×1.2 inch
-Weight: 300g-320g / 0.6lb
(The size and weight info will be different as per different designs and measure way. Please in kind prevail.)
-Color: green camouflage, digital camouflage, desert camouflage, black, green, yellow, red… 


Now this item is updated to be 2 versions, with restart charging function ( $26)   or without it ( $25)  .
Both the 2 versions can charge well 5v power banks, Android phones and iphone series.
The difference will be on the restart charging for iphone.

Due to the working feature both for solar panel and iphone, when sunlight is weak, iphone will refuse the charging.

When sunlight becoming stronger enough, the Restart Charging one will resume the new work on iphone automatically.

But the one without restart charging will need you to do this manually. 

You need to pull off the charging cable and do new connection with solar panel to restart the charging.

So that if you use iphone series, we suggest to choose the one with Restart Charging function.

Or if you do not use it, the general (cheaper) one will be ok.


And please kindly leave a message about the color you need when ordering it. 

Otherwise, goods will be sent randomly as per current stock to let you receive it asap. 





Regarding the shipping to Russia,
We have stock in Moscow. You can choose the shipping from Russia and then enjoy the super fast shipping! 
(To Moscow, normally the delivery time is just around 2-3 days after your ordering. And if you are near Moscow, you will receive it around 3-7 days. If you are far away from Moscow but there is IML office in your city, it will be delivered around 10 days. If there is no IML service point in your area, goods will be sent out from Moscow warehouse by Russian post and arrive around 15-30 days. This info is only for reference. Real delivery time should be as per the final shipping.)


Detail Pictures:

Green Camouflage:
g - 550 gg -550
Didigtal Camouflage:
Desert Camouflage:
Blue Camouflage:
l7 l6 l5 l4 l1
Red Camouflage:
dh6 dh3 dh7 dh5 dh2
Pink Camouflage:
h6 h5 h4 h3 h1



-Solar panel: frosted PET laminated

-Fabric (waterproof): 600D PVC



The Package Including:

1 x 8w folding solar panel bag
1 x USB micro 5pin charging cable
1 x Carabiner
(Other sellers do not provide this accessories.)
1C1C        OR         1C1C1
Optional Accessory:

4 in 1 USB charging cable, one usb cable with 4 connectors, iphone 30pin, iphone lightning 8pin, micro-usb and mini-usb.
(NOT included, if you needing it, please go to below link to pay $1 for it. We only charge its basic cost $1.)

The working principle of solar panel is converting sunlight to power directly.
So that its output is totally decided by sunshine intension.
Stronger sunlight and larger output, then weaker sunlight and smaller output.
When real use, you will get the current from 0A-1.2A in different conditions.
If sunshine is strong enough to let the solar panel reduce out its max power, the current into phone should be around 1A.

Because lots of phones normally only need 1A for charging, as below. If not reach this current, it is due to the sunshine intension.


As per buyers' feedback, sometimes it is very hard to test out the received panel's max power, especially in winter season.
Here we provide our test before sending.
1. Real test under sunshine directly. The short circuit current can be up to 1.37A. Voltage at no load condition is around 5V.
(Test time and place: 12:49, 08/24/2015, Shenzhen, China; The super sunny summer noon is easy to get the full power.   )
2. Real test on machine. The standard test condition for the max power of solar panel is 40,000lux, 1.5AM, and 25 centigrade.
The machine will simulate this condition. The tested data is as below.
Max power: 7.2W-7.4W
Working voltage on load: around 4.7V-5V
Max current: 1.5A
IMG_20170221_134305   IMG_20170221_134155
When use the solar panel, please make sure there is no shadow on it and all 4 small panels can get sunlight as much as possible.
If a sunny day, you will get the largest current at noon. Please do not use the panel at early morning or late afternoon, 
because sunlight may be not strong enough.
We only name the max power and current from solar panel's own output, NOT the working power and current on load.
Due to the consumption, the working output on load will be less than solar panel's original data.


We sell this solar panel model since 10 years ago. The basic thing we can promise to buyer is we will never cheat customers about the real power!



And let's see what are the feedbacks from customers after they bought and used the products.
7w f
1 2 3 4  5 6

Additional information


Blue camouflage, Desert Camouflage, Digital Camouflage, Green camouflage, Red Camouflage, Restart Charging, Black


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